livecookintable -

Design becomes a kitchen lab.

MEC2 GmbH is a design and engineering company. The master minds behind MEC2 are Norbert Fischbach and Simone Heckmann. Both develop and engineer the livecookintable Baukasten System. 

Norbert Fischbach comes from cooking to design. He is no stranger when it comes to dealing with food professionally. In his early career he continued the family tradition as a Pastry Chef in Michelin Stars awarded kitchens. Simone Heckmann who comes from Design and Architecture to cooking, brings in her well founded training and her experience as a designer. Product design and room planning are her core competences.

The Team of MEC2 is livecookintable, together with our distributers and our manufacturers in Germany and the European Union. They all love what they do!


livecookintable® is a multifunctional furniture system for food presentation and live-cooking in the front-of-the-house. That is the intended use.

livecookintable -

100% Genuine. Nothings is as powerful as an idea whose time has come and whose value lies in using of it. That’s what MEC2 intends to do with livecookintable.


MEC2 is a designing and engineering team and we design things in a way that they function correctly without disturbing each other‘s operation. We design the livecookintable Baukasten System as well as all cooking and cooling devices are deigned and engineered by MEC2. 


We design simplicity as the ultimate sophistication, long lasting, sustainable and future-oriented. Because it is the future that interests us more than the past, since that is where we from MEC2 are going to live in.


livecookintable features experience,
interaction and communication.

The timeless product design:
Form follows function,
Form follows emotion.

The high brand awareness.
livecookintable is distinctive.

The contemporary design
language. MEC2 won numerous
design awards.

The brand reputation.
livecookintable has a credible
product biography.