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The baukasten system

Modular and minimalistic

Our "Baukasten" is the first toolbox for individual F&B concepts. livecookintable® makes it possible to fulfill diverse customer requirements with the least effort possible.


In the livecookintable® system, we have classified all product components as a building attachment in individual, similar, gastronomy standard-compatible segments. livecookintable® offers the option to combine an unending amount of product variants from as few components as possible and to exchange them.

Assembly, disassembly, conversion, changes, adjustment and extension with minimal effort.

just like Lego

The German word Baukasten is more than just modular. It is more like Lego. Children can already build limitless creative worlds with Lego pieces. For that reason, you don't need to be an expert in design. The pieces can be precisely stacked, as each Baukasten is designed deliberately. Everything follows a system concept, as with livecookintable®.



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