Currently, the MICE and live communication sector is experiencing social, ecological and economic disruptions on all levels. The operators of stadiums, convention centres, trade fair companies and conference hotels are directly affected by the pandemic and are increasingly confronted with sustainability requirements that politicians, society and customers impose on them. These changes are posing ever new challenges to MICE providers. The competitive environment is becoming fiercer and pressure to professionalise is increasing. If one wants to remain competitive, one must have a feeling for trends, bravely address changes and shape MICE management strategically. 


Everything is being scrutinised and we are also rethinking our products. The requirements in terms of quality will increase, just like the demands on hygiene, care and cleaning. The specific requirements regarding product safety, hygiene norms, customs, legal provisions and sustainability certificates will increase rapidly. Providers that like us fulfil these high quality requirements are offering the MICE market increased safety for their guests and employees while also offering high functionality. 


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