16. November 2020
As the global hospitality industry has shifted priorities dramatically over the past year, Livecookintable Airwall is one product that catering professionals in every sector should be thinking about at the moment.
26. October 2020
Covid19 has definitely inspired a lot of creativity throughout the global hospitality industry. Whether it’s maintaining social distance in bars, making restaurants both inviting and contactless or creating sterile hotel rooms without offering a sterile guest experience, the entire industry’s been challenged like never before. But the good news is that a lot of the solutions and technology developed

22. October 2020
Keeping up with constant change has been one of the main challenges of COVID19 for the global hospitality industry. Over the past eight months, it’s occasionally seemed as if there was a new restriction or regulation every single day and almost everyone affected restaurants, bars and hotels, directly or indirectly.
20. October 2020
Although livecookintable® didn’t develop the Baukasten System in response to COVID19, it’s close to an ideal solution for quite a few of the extraordinary challenges now facing the global hospitality industry as a result of the worldwide pandemic.

16. October 2020
At livecookintable, we may not have predicted the Covid19 pandemic, however, we have responded with particular creativity and speed to what’s likely to be the global hospitality industry’s new normal for the foreseeable future.
16. October 2020
At livecookintable, we know how important sustainability is, and we openly share our commitment to making products responsibly and sustainably. We started from design and included sustainable strategies in production from modularity and dematerialisation to longevity.

12. October 2020
Most F&B industry predictions might be guesswork at the moment. But at MEC2 we think it’s accurate to say that working together and recognising the importance of protecting customers, keeping staff healthy and being generous whenever we can is the way forward in a crisis, and probably best practice in less troubled times too.