News · 15. März 2018
Creating multi-purpose spaces in a hotel is certainly on-trend, with authenticity too equally as important for today's guest. When it comes down to it, the hospitality industry is all about serving guests in a way that meets their particular needs.
News · 15. Februar 2018
Technology has dramatically changed the way hotels around the world operate. Now more than ever, there is constant need for innovation and differentiation due to the likes of Airbnb and others.
News · 15. Januar 2018
Hotels, restaurants, caterers and even ambitious hobby chefs worldwide enjoy the diversity of this multifunctional pot system and enhance their kitchen with its various options. Cooking, simmering, holding, making pasta in pasta baskets, steaming dim sum with the steamer insert, deep frying with frying baskets, grilling, braising, preparing sauces….
Made in Germany · 17. August 2016
Our livecookintable designs are timeless. Neither new trends nor heavy use makes them useless.
Made in Germany · 16. August 2016
Our designs are made for the various gastronomic needs of today and tomorrow. Designed to maximize guests benefits, for highest workplace ergonomics, efficiency in use and easiest logistics.
Made in Germany · 15. August 2016
Each livecookintable design is new, exclusively designed and manufactured.
Made in Germany · 14. August 2016
We only sell products that we love and where the benefits are convincing.
Made in Germany · 13. August 2016
Each livecookintable product has a unique story. It starts with our design team, who design the solutions of today and tomorrow.
Story · 20. Juli 2016
HILTL. The world‘s oldest veggie restaurant Hilt opened Switzerland’s first veggie butchery, presenting a fancy “mom and pop store” style.
Story · 19. Juli 2016
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