Be Safe! against corona

MEC2 hygienic Design

The outbreak of the corona virus SARS CoV-2 will change hotels, restaurants, conference centers and actually all areas of social interaction - some changes will be short-term and fleeting, others long-term and permanent. How do we know what is what? It is also an investment problem for entrepreneurs to recognize the difference between a short-term appearance and a long-term trend.


Our designers have been looking ahead in the past few weeks to find out what is needed now. We think for us leapfrogging innovations are a matter of time. The first step is certainly to get a hygiene concept on the way. From hygiene stations for all public areas, to new materials with an antibacterial effect and active air cleaning with plasma / ozone.


Leapfrogging innovations, on the other hand, will help us to develop sustainable, crisis-proof, ecologically local and global business solutions today for tomorrow.

Be safe! Hygiene concept


With our “Be Safe” hygiene concept, we can ensure that our customer’s high expectations can be fulfilled and offer the highest level of protection against infection in these unusual times. 

HACCP requires additional measures. In addition to the usual horizontal sneeze guard glasses for self-service, vertical protective glasses are also useful for serviced buffets



HACCP additionals:

+ Reduce the number of guests

+ Increase buffet areas for fewer guests

+ No more buffet line - single island buffets are better

+ Single-Serves with lids are best for food presentation in self-service

+ Served buffets possible, but with vertical protection panes

+ Horizontal and vertical sneeze protection systems are of huge importance

+ All sides closed glass display cases are recommended

+ Only electrically adjustable heat and cold,

+ monitored food temperatures at the buffet

+ Trays for single servings, instead of a plate, packed cutlery

+ No direct, close service to the guest

Single Servings

The bento box, the good old Tiffin tins ... small glass-covered portions ... it helps to run buffets safely during this time

Food costs: It dramatically reduces food waste and volume.

Crowds: The time at the buffet is drastically reduced, less waiting times

Air Cleaning

  • With plasma ozone technology
  • Reduces the microbiological load in the airflow
  • Reduces harmful ozone in the room
  • Eliminate viruses, bacterias, germs and aerosoles
  • Certified by the Fraunhofer Institute (
  • Eliminate cooking odors
  • Reduces condensation
  • Takes fat out of airflow
  • Plasma filter system, filters out blue smoke
  • Plasma reactivates the activated charcoal filter, min. 5 years maintenance free 

This is how it works:

  • 2 pre-filter levels remove large particles, fat and condensation
  • Plasma, ozone, electro-static tension field: flowing particles are charged positively. Oxygen produces highly reactive ozone.
  • Ozone eliminates odors and germs, bacteria and viruses in the air.  Ozone can disinfect large airflows efficiently from micro-organisms, including viruses
  • Approx. 1,100 m3 air/hour
  • Ozone removes odors and blue smoke
  • Particles adhering to the active charcoal, which have not yet been removed, react with the remaining ozone. The active coal is then cleaned, lengthening the service life considerably.
  • Oxygen, carbon dioxide and air condensation are emitted as an end product into the environment.
  • Actively flame retardant 
Airwall airflow clearing and disinfection
Airwall airflow clearing and disinfection


Sneeze guard and spray guard

  • Tempered glass
  • Stainless steel frames
  • Able to be fitted with heat bridge and LED light
  • Prevents droplets spread
Protective glass to droplets spread
Protective glass to droplets spread

Antibacterial stainless steel

  • Livecookintable is made of stainless steel
  • Stainless steel with the austenitic values 1.4301/ AISI 304 is inert
  • Long-term resistance to mechanical load
  • Hygienic and antibacterial 
Livecookintable stainless steel frames
Livecookintable stainless steel frames

Antibacterial Laminate veneer

  • Food-safe
  • Destroys 99.9% of all bacteria in the health or food area
  • Certified by the research organisation ISEGA (
  • shock-resistant
  • scratch-resistant
  • wear-resistant
  • Heatproof and non-fade
  • stain-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • waterproof
  • solvent and chemical-resistant
  • environmentally friendly
  • non-flammable 
Antibacterial coating material
Antibacterial coating material

Glass panels All-over protection

  • Sneeze guard and droplets spread protection
  • Closed space
  • Easy clean equipment
  • Easy change equipment
  • Energy efficient
  • Highest quality materials      
Closed presentation surfaces
Closed presentation surfaces

Anti-microbial leather covering

  • Antibacterial and antimicrobial
  • Vegan covering
  • Oil resistant, fat, bodily fluids/droplets
  • Highly wear resistant
  • Fulfills the German Medical Product Act
  • Non-flammable (B2 standard)
  • Disinfectant-proof
  • Very light fast 
Vertical blinds and panels made from vegan synthetic leather
Vertical blinds and panels made from vegan synthetic leather

Safe Distancing

"Keep distance!" is the 1st and most important rule to stop or slow the spread of an infectious disease. It is important to reduce contact between people and to reduce the number of infections, such as droplet infections, through the safety distance. However, it is not a question of social isolation, but of the spatial distancing of people to protect them. Mobile walls can help to better maintain these safety distances and use available space more efficiently.



We are professionals in crowd management

Crowd management is the systematic planning and proactive implementation of the spatial organization of many people. As Architects and Engineers we have fundamental skills in the organization of:

+ Check in

+ Buffets

+ Restaurant entrance

+ Banquet and conference


+ Lift systems, lift landing

Smart device solutions

bluetooth tracer

Smart Tracer with Bluetooth and anonymous contact diary

+ support to keep a safe distance with accoustic/optic alarms.

+ helps to strengthen the trust of employees and guests

+ helps to improve work routines and to eliminate dangers

APP services

Analogue print products cannot be used. There are many processes to be made smart, eg with Apps.

+ Guest folders

+ Menu cards

+ Roomservice

+ Check-in, check-out (rooms, events, restaurant visits)

+ Contact data collection

+ Roomkeys

+ E-payment

+ Demand-oriented housekeeping

+ All ordering processes

+ Employee networking and communication


Note empty tables are requested!

No table linen, no marketing displays, no flyers, no forms, no salt and pepper cruet, no toothpicks on display... everything that is touched is a NO GO.


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