Baukasten Modular kitchens are the perfect solution for private catering

The hospitality industry worldwide has been forced to adjust to rapid change over the past 12 months and few of us will regret the end of 2020. If we’ve learned anything from worldwide impact of COVID19, it’s how to be flexible, fast on our feet and ready for just about anything, at a moment’s notice.

At livecookintable® we’ve seen these qualities really come into their own in the private catering sector. Planners and party organizers have had to scale down events, come up with imaginative new ways to use socially-distanced spaces and do their best to integrate new health protocols into celebrations, without ruining  the moment. As always, Baukasten modular kitchen furniture has risen to the challenge.

Modular commercial kitchens are ready for action in no time

livecookintable® designed the first Baukasten collection in 2008 and we’ve never hidden the fact that our original inspiration was the simple genius of LEGO®. In over a decade we’ve refined our designs to meet the changing demands of the global hospitality industry, yet the core principle remains the same: easy to build, strong and endlessly versatile. Just add light-to-transport, compact-to-store and multi-functional with the smallest possible footprint, into the equation and it’s obvious why our modular commercial kitchens are a perfect fit for many private caterers and event planners.

Being able to set up an entire kitchen - single-handedly - in minutes gives catering professionals more time to focus on prepping and cooking. However, getting the guest experience just right is equally important. When you’re working in homes and outdoor spaces or smaller event areas, the fast and unobtrusive Baukasten set-up is invaluable - the last thing hosts or planners want is caterers dealing with bulky equipment that requires several pairs of hands.

Elegant Baukasten looks subtle and streamlined

At livecookintable® we think of how our designs work to make our customers’ professional life easier on several levels. Which is why we pay as much attention to form as function when it comes to our modular kitchens.

For large events our streamlined furniture allows organisers to co-ordinate even the most extensive and complex  buffet line-ups with their interior design plans. In the case of smaller, Baukasten’s low-key yet elegant looks work with any style of space; can be dressed up or down; while still performing beautifully.

Advanced equipment like livecookintable®’s Airwall barely takes up any floorspace at all and is designed in sleek stainless steel. Our latest Be Safe range - developed in response to 2020’s global health crisis - is both innovative and effective. At livecookintable® we understand the importance of providing a safe environment for both employee and customer. It's the reason why we have chosen to supply all tabletop surfaces and all furniture made of high-pressure laminate veneer with a special antibacterial protective layer.

Cooking equipment to match event planner’s ambitions

Obviously modular furniture is nothing without the hobs and cooking equipment to transform it into a working kitchen. Today’s working kitchens – even for small, privately catered parties – are more ambitious than ever. It’s fair to say that livecookintable® have engineered in advance of almost every hospitality industry trend.

With the result that our live cooking stations are currently some of the best available thanks to a versatile combination of zoned-hobs and flexible Multi-Pots. Plus, we’re the only company to produce entirely GN compatible equipment which is another advantage for budget-conscious private caterers after what’s been an incredibly testing year for the hospitality industry worldwide, and particularly for smaller, independent businesses.

Interested to know how Baukasten modular commercial kitchens combine beautifully with events of any size – or shape? Take a look at our online configurator to see how the livecookintable® range fits with your plans for 2021. Happy New Year.

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