livecookintable® products cut hospitality industry food waste

The world is wasteful when it comes to food, so for livecookintable® finding ways to reduce the hospitality industry’s food waste has always been a factor in our product design. We know that globally around one third of food is wasted each year. That’s a shocking statistic. It’s not just economically irresponsible, over a six year period global climate change researchers found that food waste alone contributes to between 8% and 10% of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGE) worldwide.  

Of course, that’s the big picture which everyone in the food and beverage industry needs to be aware of now and in the future. However, it’s also vital for us all to think consciously about cutting down food waste day-to-day. That’s always on our minds at livecookintable® and we’re constantly coming up with new solutions to lower food waste. Here are a few available to the hospitality industry worldwide right now:

Live cooking stations look good and cut food waste

Live cooking stations are practically an essential in buffet line ups up these days. Not only does skillfully making food in front of guests look impressive, cooking on demand is also incredibly efficient in terms of cutting down food waste. This isn’t news to livecookintable®, our range of live-cooking aligned induction hobs have now advanced several generations on the design front and still remain the only ones on the market that are fully GN compatible. 


 All our hobs incorporate two cooking and two warming zones with temperatures up to 94°C are precisely touchscreen controlled. A wok-zone is another versatile live cooking option in our induction hob range. No matter how ambitious chefs are, all hobs are quick to single-handedly set up and each only weighs 15kg so they’re also easy to transport and store. 

Discover how  induction hobs live cooking cuts food waste 

Multipots perfect waste-free portion control

Award-winning Multipots are another of livecookintable®’s revolutionary waste saving products designed to integrate effortlessly into our range of Baukasten modular kitchen furniture. Multipots allow chefs to fry, steam or boil food to order with as little equipment in play as possible. So not only are buffet line-ups kept down in size, practically every centimetre of work-space becomes useable. Potential for waste is radically reduced because Multipots efficiently produce individual portions, almost entirely eradicating wasteful batch cooking. 



Find out more about Multipots from livecookintable®

livecookintable® trolleys keep food fresh and cut down waste

MICE catering inevitably means moving food from storage areas to workstations and it’s always surprising how much fresh produce ends up spoiled and discarded in the process. But this doesn't need to be the case.

At livecookintable® we don’t think any detail is too small to miss out on innovative design solutions as our collection of Smart Transportation Trolleys proves time and time again. Engineered in conjunction with leading hospitality industry professionals they cover all bases from in-workstation storage to efficiently and hygienically moving fresh and cooked food to and from serving areas. Like all livecookintable® products, trolleys are GN compatible and built to integrate with Baukasten modular kitchen furniture.

Discover how smart transportation trolleys keep food fresh

 livecookintable® design products from every angle which means we think about potential food waste as well as efficient food preparation. Find out more about our Baukasten modular kitchen furniture and integrated catering equipment.   


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