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Professional catering for meetings, incentives, conferences and events (MICE) puts extraordinary creative and logistical demands on event planners. At livecookintable® we design with those demands in mind which is why our products are now the go-to for major event organizers, chefs and hospitality industry professionals worldwide.  

Livecookintable® induction hobs put chefs in control of events

Live cooking is one of the most demanding aspects of event catering today. Not only are chefs expected to perform in front of guests, they need to produce perfectly cooked food that looks good too. They also have to work at high speeds and with almost no margin for error or waste. Naturally, skill and experience are the most valuable assets for a professional MICE chef, but outstanding equipment comes a very close second.

At livecookintable® our induction hobs have been developed in collaboration with leading hospitality industry professionals to align exactly with today’s live cooking demands. They offer temperatures of up to 94°C across 2 separate zones to give chefs the power to work efficiently even in fast turnaround situations. Zones and temperatures are adjusted using responsive touchscreen controls. Considering how advanced the technology is, livecookintable® induction hobs are amazingly quick to set up and disassemble, weigh only 15kg and are also GN compatible.


·      Two cooking zones

·      Temperatures up to 94°C

·      Precise touchscreen temperature and zone control.

·      Integrates with Baukasten modular commercial kitchen furniture.

·      GN compatible, fully portable, weighs only 15kg.

·      Also available with wok zone and livecookintable® wok.


Find out more about induction hobs from livecookintable®

Multipots give MICE catering a competitive edge

The less space a buffet line uses, the more space event organisers can dedicate to guests, so it follows that quality MICE caterers with a compact footprint have a competitive edge. That thinking was part of the inspiration behind livecookintable® award-winning Multipots.

Designed to stack rather  than spread, Multipots allow chefs to steam, fry and boil without juggling several pieces of equipment or using valuable space. In terms of food preparation the results are uniformly excellent and Multipots work equally efficiently on either electric or induction hobs. Plus, they’re dishwasher safe. Like all livecookintable® products, they’re GN compatible, portable and designed to integrate with Baukasten modular buffet furniture.


·      Nano-coated stainless steel with Aluminium core.

·      Suitable for ovens and electric or induction hobs.

·      GN compatible Steamer Plate

·      GN compatible Pasta Baskets

·      GN compatible Deep Fry Baskets

·      GN Compatible Teppanyaki Plate

·      iF Product Design Award 2018

·      Red Dot Product Design Award 2018


Find out more about Multipots from livecookintable®

Fast, flexible and professional Baukasten is made for major events

The faster a buffet line can be set up the sooner your team can get on with important tasks like prepping, cooking food and serving guests.

livecookintable®’s range of Baukasten modular furniture, cooking equipment and devices is designed to be assembled and ready to work in minutes with as little manpower as possible (any construction takes two pairs of hands at most). If you need to move equipment around larger venues, Baukasten Smart Transportation Trolleys are made to do just that, again with minimal effort.  Only the Baukasten modular buffet system is GN compatible, which gives you even greater flexibility when it comes to configuring workstations, setting up service areas and incorporating devices and equipment.


To give you an idea of how efficiently Baukasten pulls together for major events, take a look at livecookintable®’s corporate catering for Allianz Arena in Munich. This prestigious event was set up in under one hour using only a small team and including installation of equipment and devices.


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