Airwall breathes clean air into the hospitality industry

As the global hospitality industry has shifted priorities dramatically over the past year, livecookintable® Airwall is one product that catering professionals in every sector should be thinking about at the moment.


Airwall makes an uncompromising commitment to clean air

It may come as a surprise to learn that our innovative four-filter-level air cleaning system wasn’t developed in response to COVID19. In fact, it was first designed almost a decade ago when catering professionals were focused on eliminating food odours rather than air-borne viruses. And Airwall certainly does excel at ridding live cooking stations and buffets of smells and grease particles while also radically reducing condensation and eliminating blue smoke.

However, clean air in the current climate is more about the unseen and that’s where Airwall’s advanced plasma/ozone technology really comes into its own, eradicating micro-organisms and disinfecting air at a rate of approximately 1000m³ per hour.

How does Airwall advanced air filtration technology work?

livecookintable® modular commercial kitchen systems are known for advanced engineering combined with user-friendly functionality and Airwall is no exception. The product itself takes less than five minutes to install, yet incorporates some of the most advanced plasma/ozone technology currently available to the hospitality industry worldwide.

  • Two pre-filter levels remove grease particles and condensation.
  • Oxygen reacts with electro-static tension field to produce ozone.
  • Highly reactive ozone disinfects airflows of micro-organisms.
  • Ozone removes food odours and blue smoke.
  • Ozone automatically cleans Airwall charcoal filters, extending their life. 
  • Oxygen, CO2 and condensed air are emitted harmlessly back into the environment.
  • A single Airwall unit filters up to 1000m³ air per hour.


All livecookintable® products are developed in-house by our team of leading designers and engineers, often in collaboration with hospitality industry experts. However, in the case of Airwall, the advanced plasma/ozone technology also carries certification from Europe's largest application-oriented research organization, the Fraunhofer Institute.  

Portable, quick to build and easy to clean Airwall

Versatile livecookintable® Airwall can be used as a stand-alone air filtration system, which makes it ideal for event spaces and conference rooms. It’s also designed to be incorporated into any  livecookintable® Baukasten modular kitchen configuration or buffet line-up. And it works together with the Be Safe Range: products specifically developed in response to the challenges currently facing the international hospitality industry as a result of COVID19.   

Airwall takes less than five minutes to unpack and program. It weighs in at a portable 58kg and comes fitted with lockable casters for accurate positioning. Removable stainless steel filters can be cleaned in the dishwasher and charcoal filters are self-cleaning and guaranteed maintenance-free for up to five years.

A slim, upright design gives Airwall a compact footprint in modular kitchens and makes for easy storage when not in use. Plus the stainless steel finish is quietly elegant so Airwall effectively protects customers and staff without making its presence felt anywhere except in the clean, fresh air they breathe. The external surface can be customized to match and integrate any interior design. 

Get in touch with us and let’s talk about how we can make your hospitality business safer and healthier for customers and staff.

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