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Covid19 has definitely inspired a lot of creativity throughout the global hospitality industry. Whether it’s maintaining social distance in bars, making restaurants both inviting and contactless or creating sterile hotel rooms without offering a sterile guest experience, the entire industry’s been challenged like never before. But the good news is that a lot of the solutions and technology developed in response to Covid19 look set to be around for (hopefully) a lot longer than the health crisis. Here are some forward thinking ideas we predict will outlast the pandemic.

Predicting the real power of Augmented Reality

International expert on consumer data, Statista, predicts there will be at least 1.96 billion users of Mobile Augmented Reality (AR) by 2023, an increase from 0.02 billion users in 2015. Restaurants already employ AR to create menus in 3D which customers can access on their devices using apps like KabaQ

But the growing importance of AR apps in the global hospitality industry definitely lies in their ability to collect user information. Because shared data which reveals how people think and behave is fast becoming the most valuable resource for any business in the business of winning customers and keeping them loyal.     

Are heated Seats the new patio heaters?

Patio heaters might be getting a reprieve at the moment but their days are numbered. Sit & Heat have developed a range of heated seat cushions which can be adapted to any size or style of chair; are affordable and energy efficient; fitted with customer controls and save up to 95% on the annual cost of heating outdoor areas.

Photo Credit: Sit and Heat

And their low maintenance design means less work for staff: cushions switch on when someone sits down, then automatically switch off when a seat’s left empty for more than two minutes.

New Virtual planning saves time, space and money

From designing socially distanced commercial kitchens to finding creative ways to maximise outdoor restaurant space, virtual planning apps are becoming an increasingly valuable tool for food industry professionals.

User friendly apps like livecookintable® Configurator were developed so event planners, chefs, restauranteurs and hospitality professionals could cost-effectively configure efficient and customer-friendly buffet lines. But responsive by design, the same app is equal to creating a space-saving patio cooking station or revising a professional kitchen layout in line with new hygiene or safety protocols.

Are advanced cloud-based systems the future of POS?

The benefits of wireless Point of Sale (POS) systems in terms of easy installation, discreet hardware, automatic software updates and lower costs is well documented. 

But where restaurants, bars and hotels will really win by converting traditional systems to cloud-based POS like Toast, is in the technology’s power to dynamically track everything from menu preferences and customer satisfaction to staff performance and sales; resulting in real-time data that informs accurate decisions, increases efficiency and clearly identifies areas for improvement or change.

Can Artificial Intelligence take repetitive strain off staff?

If hospitality industry robots were going to replace staff they’d probably have done it by now. Connie the first robot concierge welcomed guests at Hilton’s McLean hotel in Virginia over four years ago. But Artificial Intelligence hasn’t moved decisively in that direction. Instead rapidly evolving AI technology is focused on supporting staff; alleviating the strain of repetitive tasks; covering anti-social hours and providing 24/7 information.

The increased hygiene requirements of COVID19 have also opened opportunities to use AI for advanced cleaning and in quarantine situations. Which is clearly an area for intense future development. Particularly as international hotel brands and cruise lines now recognise the need for permanent medical facilities in-house or on-board for both staff and guests.

What technology or new design is inspiring you right now? Leave a comment or share your ideas we’re always interested to hear your thoughts.

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