Food ist Pop - How food has invaded pop culture

Food Blog, Food Porn, Street food, Vegan Food, Super Food, Slow Food, Fast Food, Food Stories, Pop-ups …; Food has always been an omnipresent life force.

But in past several years, somehow “eating-interesting-food-as-a-cool-livestyle-choice“ has gotten really zeitgeist-y. Foodists reaching peak values via Twitter, Facebook and Instagramm with up-to-date food trends. So how do we go from food to food? Food must tell a story to be hip. New food experiences are requested, the interactivity between chef and guest has been expanded.   

Today interaction happen immediate between chefs, guests and their online-communities on facebook and co.! livecookintable is adapted to the new trends and approved by demand. It is livecookintable featuring experience, communication and interaction!